Percy Missen Clark

Percy Missen Clark



Percy Missen Clark (b.1875) arrived from Cambridge, England in Rhodesia during the Boer War where he met Rhodes during his stay in Bulawayo. During this stay in Bulawayo he shared lodgings with another well-known publisher of Rhodesian postcards – Ellis Allen.

Clark established the first curio, or souvenir, shop, Clark’s Curios, in 1903 at Victoria Falls. He was also a photographer with many postcards bearing his images.

On 25th April, 1910, Clark was accepted as Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (F.R.G.S.) after recommendations by British Archaeologist, Henry Balfour.

In 1924 he became a member of the Royal Photographic Society and in 1925 gained the title of Associate. This was reflected on a number of his postcards, bearing the title A.R.P.S. He also exhibited in their Annual Exhibitions. It appears he remained a member until 1928.

He died 9th April, 1937 due to cancer of the stomach in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia survived by two children. One of his sons, Victor Clark, took over the Clark’s Curious store at Victoria Falls.



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