Pearl Willis Jones

Pearl W. Jones

(1893 – 1973)

Missionary nurse Pearl Willis (“Billie”) Jones (“Sister Jones”) was born in approximately 1893. Following the death of her husband in Burma during WWII, Jones served as a nurse with the Methodist Women’s Foreign Missionary Service (later Woman’s Division of Christian Service) at Danforth Memorial Hospital, Kaingsi Conference, China.

Sister Jones relocated to Southern Rhodesia in 1950 due to the rise of the communist government in China, initially as a nurse at Nyadiri Mission Hospital (Washburn Memorial).  Beginning 1952, she was the supervising nurse of the Nyadiri District, including helping establish (and financially supporting) the Chitimbe, Maramba, Dindi and Mashambanhaka clinics.  She also sponsored the Chikwizo clinic in Mtoko (Mudzi District). In addition, Sister Jones taught nutrition and homemaking skills.

Jones retired from missionary service in 1960.  She died July 22, 1973 in Arlington, Virginia at the age of eighty.


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