Oril A Penney

Oril A Penney


Oril A. Penney was born January 1889.  As of 1920, she was living in San Jose, California with her mother, Jane Penney, and sisters.  She graduated from the Nurses Training School at the University of California in 1926.  That same year, she arrived in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) as a missionary with the Methodist Episcopal Church (MEC) Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society (WFMS).

In 1929 nurse Penney was assigned to the MEC mission at Old Umtali (Old Mutare).  She took charge of about 16 orphans and attended to the medical needs of 126 girls at Old Mutare Fairfield Girl’s School.  She also assisted at the Boys’ School at Old Mutare when required.  In 1935 nurse Penney assumed responsibility for the Mutambara dispensary, taking care of both European and native people.

Oril Penney died April 1971 in Sacramento, California.


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