North Eastern Rhodesia: 1902 Game Regulations

North Eastern Rhodesia

1902 Game Regulations


In 1891, the first steps towards nature conversation by the British South Africa Company commenced with the Game Law Amendment Act and the establishment of nature reserves.

In North Eastern Rhodesia regulations for the conservation of game were based on those prepared at an International Convention signed in London in May 1900. In 1902, the Game Regulations were enacted. The Administrator had the authority to alter the schedules generally or based on a particular district.

Animals were categorised into four schedules and the first three schedules required a licence. Schedule IV game required no licence as these were considered “noxious animals” which included; Lion, Leopard, Hyena, Hunting Dog, Otter, Baboon, Monkey, Snake, Python, Crocodile, Birds of Prey (excluding Vulture, Secretary Bird, Owl and Beefeater).

In addition to Game Licences, hunters were also required to obtain a Gun Licence & Permit.




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