North Eastern Rhodesia: 1902 Game Regulations – Schedule I

North Eastern Rhodesia

1902 Game Regulations – Schedule I


Under Schedule I, hunters had to obtain an Administrator’s Licence. This licence was only granted in limited and special circumstances. It also allowed hunting in the Mweru and Luangwa Reserves (where it was generally unlawful to hunt).

The Administrator’s Licence cost £5 and allowed the capture, hunting or killing of the following animals:

  • On account of their usefulness:
    • Vultures
    • Owls
    • Secretary Birds
    • Rhinoceros Birds or Beefeaters.
  • On account of their rarity and threatened extermination:
    • Giraffe
    • Gorilla
    • Chimpanzee
    • Wild asses
    • White-tailed gnu
    • Little Liberian Hippopotamus
    • Mountain Zebra.