No.262 December 2016

Vol. 66 No.5  December 2016/No.262



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Reports of Meetings and Exhibitions:-

  • Perth, Scotland (15/04/2016)
  • Melbourne (03/09/2016)
  • Johannesburg (23/07/2016)
  • UK National Exhibitions
    • York – 15/07/2016
    • Autumn STAMPEX, London – 14-17/09/2016
  • Southwest England (30/10/2016)

Gentle Activism – Robert M. Bell

Spink – The Philatelic Collector’s Series Sale – a feast of cancels

Bad news travels slowly – Brian Coop

Tales from the Archives: The Victoria to Selukwe Mail Service – Dave Collis

Original Artwork on Zambian Stamps – Adam Goulding

The Penny Double Head – Where are we now? – Bob Looker

A previously unrecorded Rhodesia Railways Ltd cancellation Ndola – Adam Goulding

The 1d Rhodesian Admiral – Stephen Reah-Johnson

The BSAC Admirals – A Review of Auction Provenance – David Spivack

A paean to the study of postmarks – Bob Gibbs

Book Review: Hugh Marshall Hole and his Matabeleland Stamp Currency Cards of 1900

Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie

Henry Richard Wallis C.M.G 1866-1944 – Peter Hankins

Nyasaland Bradbury Wilkinson Photographic Bromides – Tony Plumbe

A fortunate man – Paul Peggie and Sean Burke

British Central Africa 1903-1904 Essays – Tony Plumbe

Postmarks on the 1905 issue – an update – Bill O’Connell

The Romance of H.C.Dann continues – a 1896 Matabele Rebellion collection of covers