No.259 June 2016



Vol. 66 No.2  June 2016/No.259



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Reports of Meetings:

  • Harare (13/2/2016)
  • Cape Town (20/02/2016)
  • Melbourne (12/03/2015)

The 1d Double Head – “The Greatest Stamp of the British Empire” – R.M. Gibbs

The attraction of the 1910-1914 Double Heads of Rhodesia – a perspective of 40 years of collecting – Stephen Reah-Johnson

Charles Thomas Cowell – a VIP Manxman – Ronnie Winchester

Postcard Forum – Tokim – Andrew Wilkie

Postal History with a North American Connection

Kingsley Ogilvie Fairbridge – 1896 – Umtali to Detroit – John Knight

President Elect, Woodrow Wilson – 1912 – Salisbury to Washington, redirected to New Jersey – Arnold Brickman

Smithsonian African Expedition Cover – John Verity

Peter Falk of Gwelo to Chillicothe – Colin Hoffman

British Intelligence – 1942 – Keith Harrop and Adam Goulding

Burger & Co, Nassau, New York – Ian Cubbin

African or American – Brian Coop

From Kalene Hill to New Jersey, 1912, a cover to the wife of the pilot appointed by Abraham Lincoln to the North Atlantic Fleet – Paul Peggie

A Friend in Need – Sean Burke

Benedict Lincoln Prieth – a collector and philatelist from Princeton University – Arnold Brickman and Ian Cubbin

The Standard Bank of South Africa, Ltd., 55 Wall St, New York – Arnold Brickman, Jefferson Ritson, Ronnie Winchester, Colin Hoffman and David Spivack

Rare cancels on early Rhodesian covers to Montgomery Ward & Co. – R.M. Gibbs

Africa for God – Peter Hickman

A registered BSAC envelope from American missionary, W R Vernon at Solwezi – R.M. Gibbs

Cover from Mufulira, N.Rhodesia to Chicago, Illinois, Under franked – Walter Herdzik

American Board Mission at Mt Selinda, Melsetter, Southern Rhodesia – R.M. Gibbs and Sean Burke

Two early examples of postal history to North America (British Columbia and New Jersey) – Walter Herdzik

Canadian Geologist who had a Northern Rhodesian town named after him – Adam Goulding

Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia Censored Cover to New York City – Walter Herdzik

Supposed Liable to Customs Duty – Colin Hoffman

Two underfranked 1927 items of postal history from Northern Rhodesia – Walter Herdzik

1907 registered OHMS cover to USA  with oval GPO BCA – Ian Cubbin

An October, 1894, Captain Norris-Newman cover from Gubulawayo to St Louis – Colin Hoffman

California – David Spivack

Think of me a little, write to me often; Nyasaland Protectorate to South Carolina 1908 – Ian Cubbin

Erwin Hart Richards (1851-1928) from Orwell, Ohio – Ian Cubbin

The Old Umtali (now Mutare) Mission – Colin Hoffman and Sean Burke