No.257 December 2015



Vol. 65 No.4  December 2015/No.257



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Auction Review: The Harmer-Shcau Auction 21-22August, 2015 – Bill Wallace

Reports of Meetings:

  • Melbourne (20/09/2015)
  • Gauteng (22/08/2015)

A miscellany of Baroteland Mission Mail items:

  1. The Alfred Bertrand Christmas and New Year Greeting Cards – Paul Peggie and Sean Burke
  2. The 1887 Entire from the Reverend Francois Coillard at Sefula – Peter Hickman
  3. A most rare find and a new route south for early mail – Alan Drysdall, Paul Peggie and Sean Burke
  4. PMS postal history in the H.R. Holmes Bechuanaland Collection Sale of 1981 – Paul Peggie
  5. A trio of new Barotse Mission Mail Discoveries – Patrick Flanagan, Paul Peggie and Sean Burke

Postcard Forum: George C. Brown – Stationer & Postcard Publisher (Part 2) – Andrew Wilkie

Sixty-two years of collecting Rhodesian cancels – Terry Devine

Cancellation Errors on early stamps of Rhodesia – 1892-1912 – Julian Schamroth

The Naval Africa Expedition – World War One – Eric Coulton

Rev. Horace Waller: Dr David Livingstone’s friend in Leytonstone – Anita McCullough

237 (Rhodesia) Squadron – Censorship revisited – David Lee

Sesheke and the Paris Missionary Society

Artwork for Zambian Stamps and an unrecorded overprint error – Adam Goulding

King George VI Southern Rhodesia Advertising Covers – James Gavin

World Stamp Show NY2016

Hugh Marshall Hole’s Initials – Julian Schamroth