No.253 December 2014



Vol. 64 No.4  December 2014/No.253



Membership News and Information

Obituaries: Plato Mavros, Kevin Ashworth, Hazel Meredith

Auction Review


Members Ask

Matters Arising

Book Reviews

Member Shares:

  • Illegal Issues of Zambian Stamps
  • The Enkeldoorn Forgery
  • Mining Postmarks
  • The ‘removal’ of H.C Marshall

Reports of Meetings:

  • Johannesburg (23/08/2014)
  • Harare (04/10/2014)
  • London (18/10/2014)
  • Cape Town (27/11/2014)

Further Gunboat Mail on Lake Nyasa – Mark Ladd

Lusaka 1935: FDC and FFC covers – Neil Donen and Keith Harrop

Recollections: WWI and WWII – Bill Hallatt

Rhodesia: The Waterlow £2 of 1897 – A new Waterlow plate, or reuse of the old Bradbury plate? – Colin Hoffman

The Printings and Colours of the 11/2d Rhodesia Admiral – S.Reah-Johnson

Postcard Forum: Camera House – Andrew Wilkie

Ebay Watch – Postcards

Ebay Watch

More on London Missionary Society Postal History – Paul Peggie and Alan Roy