No.241 December 2011


Vol. 61 No.4  December 2011/No.241

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Circle News and Information

Dr Thomas Osdene – reflections – Stephen Reah-Johnson and Alan MacGregor

A biographical note on Dick Pollitt – a personal perspective – Stephen Reah-Johnson

Members Ask

Matters Arising

Reports of Meetings:

  • Cape Town (13/8/2011)
  • Melbourne (17/9/2011)
  • Zimbabwe (17/9/2011)
  • Ontario (7/10/2011)
  • SA National Exhibition, Cape Town (13-15/10/2011)

A review of two Rhodesian collections and three auctions (Spink and Sotheby’s) – Stephen Reah-Johnson

eBay Watch

Hargreaves and Fort Young – Alan Drysdall

The researches of the late Arthur Pratt – Christopher Cooksey

Cigarette Surtax 1937-1953 and the ‘Excise’ Overprints – Adrian de Bourbon

ADS Registration Labels – Part 3 – Geoff Breakspear

Some early B.C.A and B.S.A.C. connections and a tale of Cloete and Blenkiron – Paul Peggie and John Shawley

A well travelled cover – Alan Drysdall

Picture Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie