No.240 September 2011



Vol. 61 No.3  September 2011/No.240



Circle News and Information

Members Ask

Matters Arising

Reports of Meetings:

  • Cape Town (20/3/2011)
  • Kwa Zulu Natal (8/5/2011)
  • Melbourne (11/6/2011)
  • Zimbabwe (18/6/2011)
  • South West (26/6/2011)
  • Johannesburg (21/4/2011)
  • London (18/6/2011)

Postal stationery cards addressed to the UK sent by railway workers from Umtali via Beira in 1897-98 – Alan Drysdall

Native porters at Katungas, B.C.A. – Mark Thomas

ADS Registration Labels – Geoff Brakspear

The Southern Rhodesia 5/- Admiral SG 14 – Otto Peetoom

“Around the houses in North Eastern Rhodesia” – A Letter that chases an addressee is sport for the philatelist – Mark Thomas 

Were ‘Double Heads’ definitives or commemoratives? – Keith Harrop

The stamps overprinted ‘B.C.A’ in Museum Africa – Alan Drysdall

The Palace and the Mounted Pioneer Stamp – George Stewart

Was the £1 “Error” not the First £1 Double Head Printed? – Stephen Reah-Johnson with some notes by R.M. Gibbs

Postcard Forum – Andrew Wilkie