Netherlands Bank of Rhodesia Limited

Netherlands Bank of Rhodesia Limited



The Netherlands Bank was founded in 1888 in Amsterdam as the Nederlandsche Bank en Credietvereeniging voor Zuid-Afrika (“Dutch Bank and Credit Union for South Africa”). In the same year the bank opened an office in Pretoria, South African Republic. In 1903 the company was renamed to Nederlandsche Bank voor Zuid-Afrika (“Dutch Bank for South Africa”). In 1906, the bank expanded and an office in London was opened.

The bank split in 1951, renaming its South African part as Nederlandse Bank in Suid-Afrika Beperk/Netherlands Bank of South Africa Limited which commenced commenced banking operations. In August 1967, these operations were sold to the Netherlands Bank of Rhodesia and in 1972 the company changed its name to Rhodesia Banking Corporation Limited in 1972, then Rhobank in 1979.


  • James Gavin
  • Walter Herdzik