National Assembly of Zambia: Office of the Clerk

National Assembly of Zambia

Office of the Clerk

The office of the Clerk of the National Assembly is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia. Article 73 states that “There shall be a Clerk of the National Assembly and such other offices in the department of the Clerk of the National Assembly as may be prescribed by an Act of Parliament.”

The Clerk is the Chief Advisor to the House, the Hon. Mr Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the Deputy Chairman of Committees. During the sittings, the service of the House itself is maintained by the Clerk and her assistants who sit at the Table of the House. They keep the minutes of proceedings, which are subsequently published as the votes and proceedings. The Clerk is the custodian of all records and documents. She prepares the order or notice paper and any other paper issued in connection with the business of the House.


  • James Gavin