Mutambara Mission: Mutambara Mission Hospital

Mutambara Mission

Mutambara Mission Hospital


Medical work started at the mission in 1909 with the arrival of nurse Miss E.D. Nourse.  The beginnings of the Mutambara Mission Hospital began in 1918 with construction of a one-room maternity hospital.  By 1937, Reverend Roberts reported that the medical work of the mission had increased to such an extent that it had completely outgrown the mission Medical Department. From January to September 1937, over 11,000 outpatients and about 500 in-patients had been treated in its 18-bed facility.  The hospital was remodeled and increased from 55 to 100 beds beginning in 1967 to address “woefully inadequate conditions” and “untold problems in delivering medicines and supplies.”

  • Mark Loomis