Mudi River Water Board

Mudi River Water Board


Following the completion of Mudi Dam in 1953, the Blanytre Water Board was given an additional responsibility of supplying water to Limbe and was reconstituted in 1954 as the Mudi River Water Board mandated to supply water to the combined town of Blantyre/Limbe.

Demand for water increased rapidly after the commissioning of the Mudi Scheme in 1953. This necessitated the construction of Walker’s Ferry Pumping Station on the banks of Shire River to supply water to the town of Blantyre and Walker’s Ferry works were commissioned in 1963.

The town of Blantyre/Limbe became the City of Blantyre in 1966 and on 1 April 1970, the Board’s name changed again to Blantyre Water Board.