Mike Appel (Sby) Ltd – Salisbury

Mike Appel (Sby) Ltd





Mike Appel Organisation Limited (MAOL) was founded in 1948 by a gentlemen who named the company after himself. He had seen opportunities for reconditioning engines and at the time there was no other player who was involved in the same business. As time went on, the company grew by absorbing competitor businesses that had come up around Harare and in other cities within Zimbabwe. In 1964 with the imposition of sanctions on the then Rhodesian government for the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI), the government was forced to introduce an Import Substitution Industrialisation (ISI) policy. This further spurred the growth of MAOL. By 1980, the time of the country’s independence from colonial rule, Mike Appel had grown significantly and amassed a sizeable immovable property portfolio. It had been run as a family business to this date. Out of the benevolence of the founding family, the company gave the workers trust a 29% stake in the business in what became one of the earliest forms of economic empowerment in post independence Zimbabwe.




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