Michael Pevsner

Michael Pevsner

Michael (Max) Pevsner was a Russian Jew who emigrated to Rhodesia after the Anglo-Boer War. He owned a fifty acre farm outside Bulawayo called Glenville Estate. The estate was established by the Barker brothers in early 1904 and sold to Pevsner in 1907. Pevsner was one of the early pioneers of tobacco growing in Rhodesia and was believed to the be the largest grower of Turkish tobacco in the world.

In 1923, Michael Pevsner entered into a working arrangement with William Boone Wilson which continued through until the outbreak of World War II in 1939. At about this time, the growing of Bulawayo Turkish tobacco was in decline and the Glenville Estates was eventually sold to a consortium of property developers.

Michael Pevsner died in 1941. In his will he bequested large sums of money to charities in Bulawayo and Salisbury, and to Rhodesian Seaside Home in Cape Town, South Africa.