Methodist Episcopal Church: Nyadiri Mission

Methodist Episcopal Church

Nyadiri Mission

The Nyadire United Methodist Mission (formerly Nyadiri Mission) is located on 4,300 acres near Mutoko in the northeastern part of Zimbabwe. The mission has it origins in the acquisition of the Nyadiri farm in 1922.  It is named for the Nyadire River that marks its border.

Today, the mission consists of:

  • A 200-bed hospital with maternity and surgical capabilities.  The hospital supports six health clinics in the rural regions around the mission.
  • A Nursing School.
  • A Teachers’ College.
  • A 1200-student school system from preschool through the U.S. equivalent of high school with boarding facilities.
  • The Home of Hope Orphanage, which is home to 25+ orphans.
  • Churches and Chapels.
  • A 3,000-acre farm in the process of being revitalized.



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