Methodist Episcopal Church: Mtasa–Makoni Mission

Methodist Episcopal Church

Mtasa–Makoni Mission

Mtasa-Makoni is one of several MEC “districts” within Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).  The district was created by at least 1944 and still in place in 1980.  Mtasa-Makoni was based at “Old Umtali” (now “Old Mutare”) and covered a geographical area in Manicaland Province including, in addition to Mutare, the towns of Rusape and Penhalonga.

Reverend Hunter Griffin, a superintendent of the Mtasa-Makoni district, explained in 1963 that he “coordinated the work of African pastors in 70 local churches, many of them in remote locations.  As a school administrator [he] worked with 30 elementary schools with 135 teachers and 5000 students.”  Lastly, “on 5000 acres of mission owned land, he helped to improve farming methods and worked with Africans in developing healthful communities.”

Mtasa-Makoni District Superintendents include Rev. Per Hassing (as of 1944), Rev. Thomas E. Harper (as of 1950), Rev. Hunter D. Griffin (1953-1963) and Rev. Josiah Chidzikwe (as of 1970).