Memoir 11

Memoir: 11

Title: The Dies and Plates for the Early Stamp Issues of Northern Rhodesia and Highlights of the Collections of the Livingstone Museum

Author: Dr. A Drysdall

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This is an account of the philatelic items in the Livingstone Museum – the dies, transfer rollers and plates for the 1925 NR stamps; the dies for the KG VI stamps, plates for the Coronation stamps and the dies for the KG V postal stationery; the handstamps used on hut tax receipts; sheets and blocks of the Rhodesia stamps overprinted ‘B.C.A.’; a couple of rare early airmail covers; and a miscellany of other items. Many of the items, including the stamps, are illustrated in colour. (The Memoir comprises a total of 40 pages, including the prelims and index, 15 of which are in colour.)

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