McCullagh & Bothwell

McCullagh & Bothwell


Isaac McCullagh and Samuel Bothwell, both from Northern Ireland, started their partnership in Kimberley in 1893 as “Men’s and Boy’s Complete Outfitters and Boot Merchants.” In 1897, Sam Bothwell was on the first train to Bulawayo and opened his first store there within weeks of arriving.

In 1902, Bothwell bought land in Salisbury for £850 establishing his first shop. McCullagh and Bothwell occupied the shop until 1912 when they sold the building.

It appears by 1906, the business expanded into Bulawayo and began expanding into the school uniform business.

In 1969 he sub-divided the land into three portions; selling one to the Bank of Africa and one to Charles Duly for a cycle shop.

McCullagh & Bothwell has remained a family business, with descendents of Sam Bothwell owning and running the company to this day.


  • James Gavin