Mashonaland Consolidated (1909) Ltd

Mashonaland Consolidated (1909) Ltd


On 6 October 1909, Mashonaland Consolidated Ltd was reconstructed as Mashonaland Consolidated (1909) Ltd.

Shareholders were entitled to 3 shares credited as 4s paid for every two old £1 shares held, the liability of 1s being paid 3d on application, 3d on allotment, and the balance in calls, not exceeding 3d at intervals of not less than two months; the issue of 250,000 shares was guaranteed by the Share Guarantee Trust Ltd for a commission of five percent cash. In October 1909 tenders were invited for the shares not taken up by shareholders.

By this time, the company held:

  • 500 claims in Rhodesia (of which 110 were let on tribute)
  • 20,000 acres in Mazoe Valley with mining rights over 50,000 acres
  • two town stands in Salisbury, and
  • large amounts of fully paid shares in Golden Valley Ltd.

It was reconstructed and amalgamated on 15th November, 1912, with the Rhodesian Mining and Finance Co Ltd as Mashonaland Consolidated (1912) Ltd.


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