Mary Elizabeth Thompson

Mary Elizabeth Thompson


Mary E. McCornack was born March 1858 in Rutland, Illinois, daughter of Alexander McCornack and Margaret Ann Eakin.  She studied at Elgin Academy and Oberlin College, Ohio (1883).  Ms. McCornack left for Africa in 1889 to serve as a missionary with the American Board of Commissioners in Natal, South Africa.  In June 1893, she married fellow Missionary Dr. W.L. Thompson at Esidumbini, South Africa. That same year, the Thompsons set out for Southern Rhodesia to open a new mission – a trek of over four months, mainly by foot.  They settled at Mount Silinda (Selinda), co-founding the Mount Silinda Mission in what was then referred to as the “East Central African Mission” of the American Board.  Mary would serve at Mt. Silinda for the next 40 years as a teacher and doing women ministry.

The Thompsons retired in 1932, moving to Florida.  She died March 1936 at Penney Farms, Florida.  Dr. Thompson died January 1947.


  • Mark Loomis