Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia

Machine Cancellations of Rhodesia


This is a 60 page supplement to South of the Zambesi, which expands on the data listed in South of the Zambesi by adding details of the machine cancellations, slogans and wave patterns used, including the descriptions and definitions pertaining to machine cancellers and cancellations.

  • Machine Circular Date Stamps are listed for each post office, using the same codes as are used in the main work. Several new CDS’s are included, and recorded dates of usage have been updated where these have become available.
  • A simple definition and coding structure for wave patterns has been introduced, with illustrations, and the wave patterns used by each post office are listed.
  • All recorded postal slogans are illustrated and have been allocated a number (in alphabetical order) for ease of reference and identification. A table showing which post offices used each slogan is appended. Roller Postmarks are also included.

Available in two formats:

  • Unbound 4 hole punched (which can be added to the South of the Zambesi binder)
  • A4 Wire bound


Author: Mike Hughes

Members Price:

  • Unbound – £5 plus P&H.
  • Bound –  £8 plus P&H.

Non-Members Price:

  • Unbound – £6.50 plus P&H.
  • Bound –  £10.50 plus P&H.