Mabel E. Larkins Hack

Mabel E. Larkins Hack

1891 – 1955


Mabel E. Larkins was born Oneida Castle, New York in 1891.  She graduated from a teacher training school in 1911 and taught in New York for 11 years.  She was appointed a missionary with the American Board of Commissions in 1922, traveling to Southern Rhodesia to teach at the Mount Silinda Training and Practicing School (later Mount Selinda Institute). As of 1927, Miss Larkins was acting Principal.

In 1932 she married Richard B. Hack, who was born in South Africa and was associated with the mission.  Mrs. Hack continued to teach at Mount Selinda for over 30 years until her death in Umtali, Southern Rhodesia on November 2nd, 1955.


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