Lujeri Estates

Lujeri Estates


The Lujeri Estates is approximately 3,000 hectares of tea estates at the southern base of Mulanje Mountain. J Lyons & Co, under Harry Salmon (head of the tea division), purchased the estate during the 1920’s for £25,000 from Alberto Sabatini. The purchase by foreign buyers was not welcomed by the local community.

A year after the purchase, a small hospital had been established for both Europeans and the native people, three native stores, a European store, and a native school. In addition, the local plantation manager had employed a police squad of ten men to maintain law and order.

After the 1961 Nyasaland elections, it was decided to dispose of the estate and the property was sold to Lyon’s chief competitor, Brooke Bond. It was later acquired by Unilever and in 1996 by PGI Group Ltd.


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