Louise Fleming Torrence

Louise Fleming Torrence


Missionary teacher Torrence was born in Laurel, Montana to James S. and Harriet (Fleming) Torrence. She was “appointed” a missionary in 1927 and as of 1929 was at Mount Silinda Mission in Southern Rhodesia with the American Board Mission.  By 1935, she was Principal of the Boarding School and Central Day School at Chikore Mission.

In 1957, she was in charge of the teachers training department at Mount Silinda. Following her return from furlough in 1961, Torrence was back at Chikore where she recruited, trained and supervised Sunday school teachers at the mission and surrounding villages (“outstations”). She remained at Chikore until at least 1962.

Torrence died February 1995 in Los Angeles, California.


  • Mark Loomis