Legion Mine

Legion Mine

Gwanda District


The Legion Mine, about eighty-five miles due south of Bulawayo, was pegged on the site of ancient workings known in the very early history of Matabeleland. Thomas Maddocks first pegged the claims in 1894.

In 1895 the claimes were re-pegged as the Mystery Claims. They changed hands several
times until 1920, when Mr. D. H. Robinson re-pegged the old Mystery Claims as the Legion.

Postal Services

Legion Mine was originally a Post Agency under Gwanda, then later Antelope Mine. Initial service was by mail cart or coach from Antelope Mine.

  • 1927.08.07 – Opened as Postal Agency.
  • 1947.03.01 – Regraded as a Post and Telegraph Agency.
  • 1964.03.01 – Regraded as a Postal Agency.
  • 1965.06.04 – Closed.