John Lewis Childs

John Lewis Childs

1856 – 1921

John Lewis Childs (May 13, 1856 – March 6, 1921) was a horticultural businessman and politician who founded Floral Park, New York. In addition to a widespread reputation for being a zealous ornithologist, Childs is also credited with founding the first seed catalog business in the United States.

Within five years of building his own seed and bulb business and starting America’s first seed catalog business, Childs established a bustling business. The volume of his business is attributed with the expansion of the Floral Park Post Office and nearby village businesses.

Additionally, Childs was responsible for building more than 20 buildings in Floral Park, including hotels, lumber mills and his own printing press. He also provided a public park for the community, built the first school in town, and served as the first village president, which later became the office of mayor.

  • James Gavin