Jairos Jiri Association

Jairos Jiri Association


Jairos Jiri Association (JJA) is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation for people with Disabilities and was founded in 1950 by the late Mr Jairos Jiri MBE MA Hons. The association is one of the largest of its kind in Africa.

JJA is the largest service provider to people with disabilities and over 6500 clients are saved every year through outreach and follow up integration programmes. In addition the Association operates 16 centers were 1200 children and adults get treatment, care and education.

The work of the Association is very diversified and continued to be tailored to meet the needs of People with Disabilities (men, women, boys and girls). Among its many activities are Inclusive schools, special  schools for the deaf and blind, hostels and homes, vocational training center, agriculture skills training center, clinics, orthopaedic workshops and satellite units, Community-based Rehabilitation Programme, Craft shops and Gender empowerment programmes.



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