J. Palte & Co

J. Palte & Co


Joseph Palte was born in Lithuania in 1875. Palte started his company, J. Palte & Co in 1908 in Bulawayo, where he was an independent grain & general merchant.

He died 21st May, 1934 due to self-administered cyanide poisoning. An inquest was held into his death on 29th May, 1934. He was married with three children and after his death, his son, Jack, took over the business. He expanded the business in 1952, when Tiger Oats became major shareholders.

In 1964 Harris Maize Milling and Produce Company merged with J. Palte & Co. to form Palte Harris. In 1970 Palte Harris went public as Palte Harris Industrial Holdings. In 1969 the Rhodesian Milling and Manufacturing Co Ltd merged with Palte Harris to form National Foods, bringing together the Gloria and Red Seal brands.



  • National Foods Limited, Zimbabwe