J & M Lazarus

J & M Lazarus

Lourenço Marques

Joseph Lazarus and Maurice Lazarus were brothers of Jewish decent from the Britain. It is believed that they first arrived in Barberton, South Africa during the gold boom. They appear to have arrived in Lourenço Marques, Portuguese East Africa in 1899.

Two business locations are known in the city, one at No. 39 Araujo Street and the other at Avenida Aguiar. For a while, they kept a studio in Beira. They first advertised as photographers in the 1901 directory and in the same year they published A Souvenir of Lourenço Marques: an album of views of the town.

As part of their photography business, they also produced a range of postcards. One of their photographs of Chief Makwira and his wives (Malawi) appears on a postcard published by G. Budricks & Co.

Their last advertisement appears in 1907, although their box number is still listed in the 1909 edition. They sold their studio to Sidney Hocking.