Ivy Elizabeth Craig

Ivy Elizabeth Craig


Ivy Elizabeth Craig, born December 1887 in Marion, Kansas, U.S.A., was appointed in June, 1919 to the Rhodesia Branch of the South Africa Mission.She was a graduate of the University of Kansas and had several years’ experience of teaching in the public schools of Kansas City. She was described as having a pleasing voice and a rare gift for singing Gospel Hymns.

After waiting for months until sailings could be secured for herself and Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Fuller, she finally sailed on 11th February, 1920. She was stationed at Mount Silinda in Southern Rhodesia as an associate Principal of the Girls Boarding School.

By 1922, she was also Principal of the Mt. Silinda Training School and seemed to remain in this post until Oct 1938. Between 1941-1954 she was working in the Chikore and Craigmore missions.

Miss Craig died 1978 in Los Angeles, California


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