Internment Camps: Southern Rhodesia – Camp No.1 (General)

Internment Camps

Southern Rhodesia – Camp No.1 (General)

Interment Camp No.1 was opened on 12th October, 1939 and was located east of King George VI Barracks in Salisbury. It hosted the first inmates from Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

A month after opening, three Germans escaped to Portuguese East Africa, and on 11 January 1940, 17 mining inmates attempted to tunnel their way out but were spotted emerging from the tunnel outside the camp perimeter.

In 1942, part of No.1 became home to 15 refugees from Persia.

In October 1945, the camp was reduced to a skeleton staff. The remaining 1,500 Polish refugees were transferred to Camp No.3 (Gatooma).


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