Henry Peter Steigerwald

Henry Peter Steigerwald


Bishop Henry P. Steigerwald was a Brethren in Christ (BIC) missionary who served in “the Rhodesias” (Zimbabwe and Zambia) from 1901 to 1928.  He was born in Ashland, Ohio and married Arminta Grace Pugh in 1893.  He was called to the ministry shortly after the death of Bishop Engle, sold his sawmill business and arrived at Matopo Mission in 1901.

Several new mission stations were opened under Bishop Steigerwald’s leadership, including Mtshabezi Mission (1906), Macha Mission (1906, in Northern Rhodesia/Zambia), Sikalongo Mission (1916, Zambia) and Wanezi (1924).  “He placed strong emphasis on evangelism and education. The first African Brethren in Christ Conference was held in 1919, the first African overseers were appointed in 1921, and the first African deacons elected in the following year.”

He died 6th December, 1928 and is buried at the Wanezi Mission Cemetery.


  • Mark Loomis