Henderson & Marsh Safaris

Henderson & Marsh Safaris



The Henderson brothers started a safari company in Botswana where sport hunting for profit was legal. In 1967 sport hunting on a gaming ranch permit became legal in Rhodesia. The Henderson’s decided to move their safari operations to Rhodesia.

Brian Marsh (1928-2014) began his safari tradition in 1968, at one time having a concession of 900,000 acres to hunt. Previously he shot crocodiles for a living, then moved on to game cropping, then the big five, gaining knowledge with every shot and every client. He associated with all of the major and minor hunters of that era, John Taylor, Charles Askins, Jack O’Connor, Alan and Ian Henderson, Eric Rundgren, Peter Capstick, Harry Manners, and lords, ladies, barons, the wealthy and priviledged, and working class sportsmen from around the world.

The Henderson’s and Marsh teamed up to become Henderson & Marsh Safaris – the largest safari company in the country.


  • James Gavin