Harry C. Ioor

Harry C. Ioor

United States


Ioor Cachets were produced by the early FDC Cachet Pioneer, Harry C. Ioor, many with the artistic assistance of his sister, Travilla Ioor. Harry Ioor was located at 802 State Life Bldg, Indianapolis IN, where he also operated a chiropractic practice.

The First Cachets by Harry C. and Travilla Ioor were five different varieties issued on 25th February, 1929. Early Ioor Cachets of the period 1929-1933 are based on fine line drawings. Ioor Cachets from 1934-1940 tend to be black-and-white photos surrounded by a block of a single bright color.

Harry Ioor never married. He died Feb 16, 1940, before the completion of the Famous American Series of 1940. His sister Travilla completed this Series and continued the Ioor brand of Cachets. Travilla Ioor’s cachets from 1940-1951 are usually identified by the signature “Ioor” someplace in the design.

Travilla Ioor met her FDC competitor, E. Milnor Peck (the founder and owner of the Fleetwood Cover Service), when Peck came to Indianapolis August 29, 1949. It was love at first sight, and they were married in June of 1950 and combined their FDC businesses. Travilla’s Last Cachet for the Ioor line was in 1951. Travilla died March 16, 1967.

After the death of Travilla, Milnor Peck lost his enthusiasm for continuing the FDC business, and in December of 1968 he sold Fleetwood Cover Service to to Unicover Corporation of Cheyenne WY.

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