Harare Theological College

Harare Theological College


The Harare Theological College (HTC) describes itself as an “independent, interracial, and interdenominational college.”  It is “an undergraduate Bible college” that offers various programs up to the diploma level (generally taught in evening courses), as well as facilitating a degree in theology through a partnership with the South African Theological Seminary.  There is a distinctive fieldwork component where students are sent out to the communities in their area to develop ministry skills in a supervised environment.  HTC also offers three different “Foundational Certificates” that can be completed within one year.

Although now independent, HTC has a long history of training church leaders dating back to the missionary efforts of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.) in the Zambezi Valley beginning 1953 at Mavhuradonha Mission.  The training was moved to Kapfundi (Kapfunde) Mission beginning 1955.  It was then relocated to the T.E.A.M mission at Chinhoyi in 1969 where it became known as the Evangelical Bible College (EBC).

After more than 20 years at Chinhoyi, the decision was made to move the college to the capital city of Harare in 1991 where it would be more accessible to the growing Christian community there, at which time it changed its name to the Harare Theological College.  The college was initially located at T.E.A.M.’s former 15-acre headquarters known as “the plot”.

HTC moved in October 2004 to its present campus in Avondale, near downtown Salisbury.  The move was necessitated by the financial hardship of maintaining the former residential campus and to provide a more convenient classroom and library location. In 2005, HTC’s principal Dr. Onesimus Ngundu declared, “HTC had become the largest, multi-racial, degree-offering college in the country.”


  • Mark Loomis