Hamer-Schau Philatelic Auction

Harmer-Schau Philatelic Auction

21th August, 2015


HarmerSchau 21.08.2015


The APS show is scheduled for August 20-22 at the APS Auction at the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The auction will be held in 3 afternoon and evening sessions consisting of 3234 lots.

The 1st session on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. will contain 1135 lots with Texas postal history, and Foreign and British Commonwealth singles. It will begin with over 100 lots of Texas Postal History from the “Vince King” exhibits, extensive China with better P.R.C., the “Alvaro Garcia” Cuba exhibit collection, better Zeppelin flights, extensive Rhodesia from the “Sundback” collection with strong “Double Heads” and “Admirals”, Italian Social Republic stamps and covers, Japan with Karl Lewis covers, Transjordan, and Great Britain.

The 2nd session on Friday at 3:00 p.m. will contain 1250 U.S. lots highlighted by Presidential Autographs including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, an 1882 5¢ Garfield exhibit, Scott #222 never hinged, grade 98, Scott #554d used sound with PF cert., 1939 Baseball FDC collection, very rare (1 of 2 flown) 1968 missile covers, Scott #R188 “Persian Rug”, Confederate States, Possessions with better Cuba including #226A Type II used with cert. (unique?)

The 3rd session on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. will conclude with 847 U.S. and Worldwide Collections. The U.S. “Collections & Various” of of over 230 lots begins with 5 lots estimated at $10,000+, “Postage and Modern Collections”, grouping of “Back-of-the-Book”, with a separate Revenue section, “Possessions”, “Postal History” lots, “First Day and Cachet Maker”, “Postcards” and an “Ephemera” section. This will be followed by 150 Commonwealth country and general collections with Great Britain, Australia, and Canada & Provinces, 350 Foreign country and general collections highlighted by Austria, China with P.R.C., Cuba, Germany with postal history, Japan, an Italian Social Republic collection estimated at $20,000-$25,000, 100+ Worldwide collections, a Topical section, and a Postal History section including an ongoing Internet business for sale estimated at $35,000-45,000.


Status: Closed

Website: www.harmerschau.com