Halls Garage

Halls Garage


Hall’s Holdings Limited was established by Aubrey Victoria Hall (d.1955). Hall arrived in Nyasaland from Great Britain in 1923 in the service of the Central African Transport Company. Ten years later, he opened Hall’s Garage, which sold and serviced cars; this business developed into a larger enterprise, Hall’s Holding Ltd., which, by the late 1960s, had branches in the central and northern regions of Malawi.

A prominent member of the European settler community in Nyasaland and a founding member of the Nyasaland Society (now the Society of Malawi), Aubrey Hall served as Mayor of Blantyre, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Nyasaland Society for the Blind, President of the Blantyre Sports Club, and President of the Nyasaland Golf Union.


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