George Stewart & Co Ltd

George Stewart & Co Ltd


George Stewart & Co Ltd were founded in 1879 by George Stewart, but it was his youngest son, Alastair M. Stewart (b. 1905), who steered the company through the 20th century.

Though Stewart & Co. were manufacturing stationers, they were closely involved with the printing industry. The Chairman, Alastair M. Stewart, was an important figure within the printing trade and served in a number of important positions, including Vice-President (from 1965) and then as President of the Federation of Master Printers (1966-67).

Unfortunately the firm fell victim to a final salary pension scheme, that, like so many others, had created an “impossible to fund” arrears. The directors had tried to restructure the business and its funding and had been making good progress, but were unable to find a solution for their major creditors. The company went into administration on 6 December 2011.