Gath’s Mine

Gath’s Mine

Victoria District


The claims for Gath’s Mine was originally pegged by J W Gath 28 June 1907 and were the first pegging for asbestos in the Mashaba area. Between 1907 and 1908, the ownership moved between:

From as early as 1908, workers were allocated accommodation according to race, rank and skill in housing complexes in high(Chemberi) and low(Gath’s) density residential areas.

Gath’s Mine as it is now collectively known as is a combination of three mines: King Mine and the now-defunct Temeraire and Gaths. The mining operations have stopped though some of the major buildings are located here such as the General Office – Administration, the hospital, the training centre and the high(Chemberi) and low(Gath’s) density residential areas for the workers.

However the area is now occupied by Great Zimbabwe University and the so-called General Office is now the Administration Block of the University. Most houses which were built for the miners were taken by the renovated and became Students Residence. Mining has been shattered down due to lack of funds and materials for mining to progress.

Postal Services

Gath’s Mine was a postal agency under Mashaba.

  • 1949.05.01 – Opened as a Post and Telegraph Agency.
  • 1975.07.31 – Closed.