Gallo Africa Ltd

Gallo Africa Ltd



The company was originally created by Eric Gallo in 1926 as a one-man business, the Brunswick Gramophone House. The record shop was originally devised to distribute records from the US-based Brunswick Records into South Africa. However, noticing the lack of recording facilities (as well as the amount of local talent) in the country, Gallo decided to form a recording studio in 1932 and, borrowing equipment (and a sound engineer) from the then just-defunct Metropole company in the United Kingdom, Gallo opened the “Gallo Recording Studios” under the auspices of Gallo Africa (using a red rooster as the company’s symbol, which remains today).

The business eventually opened the first recording studio in Southern Rhodesia in Bulawayo. Gallo Pty Ltd became a public company in 1946 and became known as Gallo Africa Ltd.

The Gallo Record Company is the largest (and oldest independent) record label in South Africa. It is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is owned by Times Media Group (formerly Johnnic Communications and Avusa).


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