G. Budricks & Co

G. Budricks & Co

Cape Town


G. Budricks & Co (G.B. &Co.), also known a Budrick’s Art Galleries, was located on the corner Adderley & Church Streets, Cape Town. They produced a number of postcards covering Rhodesian, Nyasaland and South African scenes.


Budrick’s Art Galleries
Type II
Type IIA
Type III
Type IV
Type IVA
C Series (Cornflower)
D Series
E Series (Easel)
F Series (Food)
H Series (Horseshoe)
K Series (Kaffir)
L Series (Lillies)
P Series (Pidgeon)
PI Series (Painting)
PR Series (Protea)
SI Series (Scroll)
Type IVB
Type V


  • Geoff Brakspear
  • Mike Deeks
  • Walter Herdzik
  • Julian Schamroth