Frederick Rudolph Dixon

Frederick Rudolph Dixon

1886 – 1958

Reverend Frederick R. Dixon was born December 1886 in Glastonbury, Connecticut to the parents of Frederick and Sarah (Conyers) Dixon.  He attended the Bangor Theological Seminary (school closed 2013), was ordained, and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1919.  He married Madeline E. Halford in her hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts in August 1920.

That November, the Dixons “went out” to serve as missionaries with the American Board at Mount Silinda Mission in Southern Rhodesia.  Rev. Dixon taught at the Mount Silinda Bible Training School begun by Rev. Wilder, with the aim of preparing African ‘evangelists” (non-ordained teachers of the Gospel and local pastors).  As of 1924, Rev. Dixon was in charge of the school.  The Dixons transferred to nearby Chikore Mission in 1930. They returned home October 1933, living in the New England area.

Rev. Dixon appears to have continued his ministry until 1950.  He died April 1958 in Henniker, New Hampshire.


  • Mark Loomis