Frames & Coghlan

Frames & Coghlan


In 1899, Charles Coghlan’s friend Percy Ross Frames invited Coghlan to Bulawayo where Frames was a partner in the firm Frames & Grimmer. Coghlan was receptive to the idea, but was compelled to stay in Kimberley by the outbreak of the Second Boer War in October 1899.

Finally, in 1900, Charles Coghlan arrived in Bulawayo and gained admission to the Rhodesian bar. He entered into partnership with Frames to create Frames & Coghlan. However, in 1902 Frames left for Johannesburg citing the poor economic conditions in Rhodesia and dissolved the partnership with Coghlan.

Allan Ross Welsh became a partner of the firm on 1st January, 1903 and the practice became known as Coghlan & Welsh.

  • James Gavin