First Southern Rhodesia Air Rally

First Southern Rhodesia Air Rally

Southern Rhodesia

Southern Rhodesia’s first full-scale air rally was held on 13th August, 1936. It was organised by the Bulawayo Light Plane Club with flying under the control of Major Cloete and Captain Rod Douglas as announcer.

Two days earlier, Major Cloete and Lieutenant J.B. Holderness had flown to Wankie to welcome the Royal Air Force flight which had come from Heliopolis in Egypt to participate in the display.

Between 3000-4000 attended the show with 25 aircraft including aircraft from Britain and South Africa. Two days later the show was repeated at Salisbury airport in front of a crowd estimated to be 20,000.

Due to the popularity of the show, the Rhodesia Herald offered a pilot scholarship with de Havilland and Company, Salisbury. They received over 200 applications.

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