Faith Orphanage Foundation

Faith Orphanage Foundation


Faith’s Orphans Fund (FOF) ministers to over 3500 HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Zambia through 16 centers set up across the country. This efficient ministry model does not include the ownership of orphanages, but rather empowers existing villages through the provision of clothing, rural teachers, school fees, horticultural training and supplies to provide for the many orphaned children within the area.

Touched by the despair of the children left behind, Faith Mukumbo Liyena a young Christian nurse at the Mukinge Mission Hospital, made it her first priority to offer hope to these children. After careful planning, the Faith Orphanage Foundation was born in 1992 and registered in 1993 as a Non-Governmental Christian Charitable Organisation.

What begun as a humble concern for children orphaned largely as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic throughout Africa, the vision of FOF has become internationally recognised, and they are now caring for 2,500 orphans.


  • James Gavin