In philately, a perfin is a stamp that has had initials or a name perforated across it to discourage theft. The name is a contraction of PERForated INitials or PERForated INsignia. They are also sometimes called SPIFS (Stamps Perforated with Initials of Firms and Societies).

The ‘holes’ found in stamps are generally produced by perforating machines (perfins) or by cancelling machines (cancels). Perfins are done before the stamp is attached to the material; cancels are done after the stamp is attached the material.

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  • Anglo African Trading Co. (A.A./T.C.)
  • Dunlop Rubber Co. (D.R/Co)
  • Haddon & Sly (H&S)
  • Lennon Ltd (LL)
  • Municipality of Umtali (MU)
  • R Muller & Co. (RM)
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