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Being a philatelist opens up a massive world of social, cultural and world history through little pieces of paper.

Choosing where to start can always be hard. We have added some of the major areas of collecting. The pages backgrounds to many of the material displayed, as well as providing a social and cultural context.

Advertising Covers

This section contains information, covers and other philatelic items relating to the businesses of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland.


This section contains information on first flights, special flights, balloon flights, Zepplin flights and other airmail related items.


This section contains mainly commemorative covers on political events, trade fairs, celebrations, Royal Visits and Tours.


This section contains mining documents, background information and other details relating to the mining industry.


Africa was a hot-pot of missions in the 19th Century. Discover more about the religious institutions that settled in Central Africa.


A popular area to collect, postcards offer a glimpse into history through photos. A great way to build a great visual philatelic collection.

Post Offices & Postmarks

This sections contains information on post offices, postal regulations and notices, and postmarks.


Dies, proofs, concept art, printing orders…Printers gives an insight into how a stamp design evolved to the final release.


A reference guide for the stamp releases of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland. The section will provide insights in the definitive and commemorative issues.